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Unusual 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

Have you been wracking your brain to come up with an unusual 50th birthday gift?
We have too. We hope this list of very special 50th birthday gifts inspires your gift-giving!

Personalized Postage Stamps:

These are so much fun! You can put a photo of anything you want on these postage stamps.

Use a recent pic of the half-centurian or a blast from the past. Maybe that divine high school graduation picture should be preserved on a stamp for posterity?

You could also use a photo of his/her prized car, beloved pet or well, anything at all.

Check out or to see how it works.

For the Ultimate Gift, Give an Experience They'll Never Forget!

An experience gift, also called an activity gift, can be an extravagant present but there are many fabulous gifts in the $20.00 to $75.00 range. These are truly some of the coolest birthday gifts we've ever seen! These are just a few of the presents that caught our attention.

An experience gift is the ultimate unusual 50th birthday gift!

  • drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari around a racetrack (not as expensive as you might think)
  • dive among sharks in an aquarium tank
  • a helicopter tour
  • burlesque dancing lessons
  • simulated aerial combat in a real fighter plane, flying in formation, and executing combat engagements
  • a tour of Wimbledon
  • sessions with a personal trainer
  • a private photography workshop
  • bungee jumping off a bridge
  • a hot air balloon ride

Are these not unusual 50th birthday gift ideas or what? The lucky giftee would never forget this birthday!

Obviously those are some of the pricier experience gifts (although not the most expensive by far). For those of you who don't want to break the bank, here are a few of the less expensive, but just as cool gifts we came across.

  • a chocolate workshop
  • a wine tour
  • a dinner cruise
  • white water rafting
  • a day as a rodeo cowboy
Take a look at Great American Days if you want to learn more about these kinds of gifts.

Dough Ornaments (they're not just for Christmas!):

This is a very unusual 50th birthday gift and would be a great fit for a crafty gift-giver.

Mix up a batch of salt dough:

  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water
Mix everything together and roll out on a floured surface with a rolling pin until it's 1/8" thick.

Cut out whatever shape you want, either freehand, using a template you've made, or with a cookie cutter. Use a straw to put a hole in the top for hanging purposes. Bake for 2 hours at 250 degrees. Let cool.

Paint the whole ornament (paint pens make this fun and easy). Use lots of color and patterns, think cloisonne, and sign the back with "Happy 50th Birthday ______ (his/her name)", the date and your name.

Add a satin ribbon and place your ornament in a fancy satin-lined box. Make your own gift tag with card stock, scrapbook or construction paper. Add a hole at the top of the tag and tie to the box with another satin ribbon. Simple yet opulent!

More Unique and Unusual 50th Birthday Gifts to Consider...

  • A GPS system (because senility is just around the corner)
  • A pretty bag full of 50 origami fortune cookies (write your own fun fortunes on ribbon and slide them into the cookies)
  • A four-leaf clover in a nice frame
  • Arrange a luncheon with school friends she/he hasn't been in touch with in years
  • Have a banner made and place it on her/his way to work wishing them a happy birthday
  • A membership to a Flower of the Month club for a year

More Unusual 50th Birthday Gift Suggestions
of the Homemade Variety

Homemade gifts are always a big success because of the thought and effort that went into making them. With that in mind...

a handmade scrapbook makes a unique and unusual 50th birthday gift!

  • Create a scrapbook with photos of the times you've shared with him or her, and don't forget to do some journaling in there too
  • Create your own newspaper front page from the day he/she was born —perfect weather, record increases in the stock market, no crime that day, the best horoscope ever, you get the idea
  • Find that really special photo, blow it up and frame it
  • Create a quote book, similar to a scrapbook but with funny, cute or profound quotes the person has said or would really appreciate
  • Get a group of friends to paint a vase at a local DIY ceramics shop and fill it with fresh flowers
  • Make a CD of music that was popular during the person's childhood days
  • If you're crafty, create a mini-quilt by sending 4x4-inch squares of fabric to twelve friends. Ask them to write something on their square and return it to you; you embroider the words, sew the squares together and frame the quilt
  • Buy an autograph frame —hey they're not just for weddings. Take a group photo of everyone at the birthday party and ask the guests to sign the matte


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Have you given an unusual 50th birthday gift, or been lucky enough to receive one? Let us know... we'd love to hear from you!


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