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Pretty Spring Cupcakes

Pretty spring cupcakes are perfect for a spring birthday party. It's a cute way to bring spring color to your table. Spring cupcakes are a great way to bring color to your party table for a spring birthday celebration.

My 16-year-old daughter made the cupcake on the left. She arranged these pretty cupcakes (there were a ton because she used mini cupcake pans) in a tiered display and they were delicious! But I digress...

Take a look at these spring cupcake ideas. We hope you find something to inspire you!

This fondant daisy design is perfect for spring cupcakes. I love the look of fondant flowers on cupcakes. You can make daisies (and they certainly don't have to be as intricate as this one), a branch of cherry blossoms, roses, violets or any other spring flowers. Use our no-fail recipe for marshmallow fondant. It's so easy!
Decorate spring cupcakes quickly with fondant flowers that you make with a mini cookie cutter. If you're pressed for time, and please, who isn't, you can decorate quickly by making small fondant flowers with a mini cookie cutter. In fact, you can find some tiny "cookie" cutters that are made just for fondant. Add a sugar pearl or dot of icing for the center and voilà.
Green icing grass and a tiny fondant daisy make adorable spring time cupcake decorations. Use a very stiff buttercream frosting or royal icing to make a grassy top, and then get out that tiny cookie cutter and make a few daisies. You could add fondant ladybugs and bees too. How cute is this decorating idea?!
Adding buttercream flowers to spring cupcakes is a quickway to decorate if you're pressed for time. If you know your way around icing tips and decorating bags, buttercream flowers in springtime colors are a quick and pretty way to dress up your cupcakes. You can check out our favorite recipe for the best buttercream frosting ever. It's the only vanilla buttercream recipe I'll use. Even if you've never tried decorating with buttercream, give it a shot. It's surprisingly easy once you get the hang of it.
An edible, flower makes a perfect decoration for a spring cupcakes! The most authentic decoration for spring cupcakes is...real, live flowers of course! Among the edible varieties are pansies, nasturtiums, violets, hibiscus and snapdragons. Decorate your serving platter or display stand with real flowers too.
Your spring cupcakes will really get noticed in unusual wrappers like this picket fence design. Cupcake wrappers are absolutely everywhere now. You can find them in just about any color and design you want. This picket fence idea is perfect for spring, but wrappers in a floral design, or in green with a fringe of grass at the top, or in a variety of sunny pastels would work beautifully too. I've found really cute and unique cupcake wrappers at, and at great prices too.
Dress up spring cupcakes with a sprinkle of edible glitter in a pretty color. Don't forget about the little touches like dragées, sugar pearls, edible glitter and colored sugar. They're available in all sorts of colors, but a little definitely goes a long way on a cupcake.
Flowered spring cupcakes arranged on a tiered display stand makes a nice presentation and saves table space too. In the world of parties and entertaining, presentation is everything people! Use a tiered stand made specially for cupcakes, or fashion your own out of two or three sizes of cake stands. It's also handy as a space-saver on your table.

If you're going to arrange your pretty cupcakes on a single plate, you might want to add a lacey doily underneath the cupcakes (great for hiding the ugly plate Aunt Martha gave you last Christmas) or pick a bunch of small flowers from your garden and arrange them around the cupcakes.

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