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Special 50th Birthday Gifts

These special 50th birthday gifts have a touch of the personal, so you know they'll make the birthday guy or gal feel appreciated. These gifts, or ones like, them will show you actually took time to think about the person.

Imagine that!

And the icing on the cake? Your memorable gift will make you stand out in the crowd. And who doesn't love that.

A "50 Years of ____" (birthday guy/gal's name) Scrapbook

Instead of making yourself crazy trying to fill 50 pages, set aside one or two pages for each decade. Use a combination of the following:
  • Photographs of the guest of honor through the years (contact family and friends of the honoree for help here)
  • Mementos/examples of popular culture of the past five decades (list big moments from history, hit songs, popular movie stars, bestselling books, and so forth)
  • Pictures (the internet is easier, and cheaper, than old magazines)—search the schools they attended, cities and states where they've lived, sports they played, cars they once owned and copy the pictures that come up to your desktop, print them out, cut around the shapes and paste into the scrapbook
Note the year on each page and add a photo taken at the party to the last page. This also makes a great gift from a group of friends (and splits up the work nicely too).

A Special Black and White Photograph

The second on our list of special 50th birthday gifts also involves photos. This is a very simple 50th birthday present idea, and yet one of the most dramatic.

Find get your hands on one of the birthday guy or gal's favorite photos. It might be one from a special trip or a great shot of their children, pet or house.

If you're not able to do that, grab your digital camera and take a photo of something that's important to him/her. For example, kids, pets, mid-life crisis car, his or her special collection of baseballs or antique clocks or, well you get the idea.

Upload the photo to your computer and turn it into a beautiful black and white photograph at

When you're viewing an album on, the tools are located in the blue bar to the right under "edit and organize." Select "edit photos," and finally select the tab marked "fun." Under that tab you'll see an option for black and white. Have the photo printed in a large size, say 11" x 14", and then have it professionally matted and framed.

Customized Skins for a Laptop (cell phone, MP3 player, tablet, Kindle or other device)

Special 50th birthday gifts don't have to be expensive to be appreciated. These customized skins make great gifts and they're generally under $30.00 for the smaller sized devices. You can find skins with ready-made designs like sports team logos, designs by famous artists, abstract graphics and pretty patterns.

You can also upload a photo (or photos for a collage) and make a truly personalized skin! You can add text too.

This personalized laptop skin would make a very special 50th birthday gift if you ask me!

This is a photo of a skin that I just designed for my macbook (yes, that's my baby on the cover).

I went to Skinit and the process couldn't have been easier. It took about five minutes to do and who wouldn't love to see this face every time they opened their laptop? Yes, I may be biased here, but you get the idea.

The "50th Year's a Charm" Gift

Give a special "dream charm" for a bracelet or necklace that represents something they've always wanted to do. An Eiffel tower charm for a trip to Paris, a silver horse honoring her lifelong wish of owning the real thing, a book charm for that novel she wants to write someday, and so on.

Another idea: make a charm bracelet with initial charms for the names of her closest friends. This would make a great gift from a group of friends.

We Bet Your Hobbies Would Make Some Very Special 50th Birthday Gifts

Are you a knitter, a painter, a potter or a quilter? Do you take photographs or make jewelry for a hobby?

This homemade scarf makes a special 50th birthday present.

Even if you're just a beginner, a handmade gift is a truly wonderful present for a milestone birthday. Talk about feeling loved and appreciated.

Beth is our resident knitter at Birthday Party Babble. She made these two scarves as gifts for friends. Her friends adore them (I should know, I'm one of the lucky recipients).

Beginning knitters can make scarves. Plain ones, patterned ones, striped, cabled or lacey ones.

Surprise a friend with a handmade scarf (made by you, of course); it makes a very special 50th birthday gift.

If you're an advanced knitter, make up an elaborate scarf like Beth's, with ruffles, or fabric strips knitted in and buttons sewn on. Get creative and make a one-of-a-kind present. has a lot of really cool free patterns.

If You're Still Stuck for Special 50th Birthday Gift Ideas...

It's time to brainstorm their hobbies for gift-giving inspiration. Once you have a specific hobby or interest in mind, check out online catalogs specific to that passion for gift ideas.

Here are a few catalogs we've turned to in the past:

Another idea: if you know that the birthday guy or gal has a special collection (old bird houses, shot glasses, stamps and so on), think of ways you might be able to add to it.


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If you've given or received special 50th birthday gifts that you'd like to share with us, please do!

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