Spa Party Favors

photo of handmade blue soap

Spa party favors are a practical bunch for the most part, but you'll want them to be a feast for the senses as well. 

For the Budget-Conscious 

  • homemade soaps (it's cheapest to make them yourself, but there's a huge selection of gorgeous soaps online if you don't want to DIY)

  • nail polish (colors picked especially for each guest)
  • decorative bottles filled with bath salts —try Dead Sea salts, they're amazing! (do it yourself and buy cute bottles and bath salts in bulk)
  • loofahs
  • sachets (do it yourself with potpourri and little organza bags)
  • flip flops
  • mini lavender plants (buy a large plant and separate into small ones; plant them in mini terracotta flower pots and decorate the pots with fabric ribbon)
  • mini manicure or pedicure sets (not at all pricey)
  • soaps (tip: buy a large box of fancy wrapped guest soaps at a discount home store, wrap each soap with a pretty fabric ribbon, and place into a silk or organza bag)
  • tins or small jars of homemade (yes, by you) lip balms, body scrubs, cuticle treatments, etc. Here's a list of homemade spa recipes to get you started.

For the Not-So-Budget-Conscious

  • monogrammed wash cloths
  • hand-decorated pocket mirrors or compacts (look online for loads of choices)
  • makeup brushes (choose the bigger or more unusual ones such as fan brushes, Kabuki brushes, or blush brushes)
  • good tweezers (Tweezerman makes great mini slant-tipped tweezers in pretty colors; you can find them in drugstores)
  • small satin pillows
  • small magnifying mirrors (not super strong— that would be just plain mean)
  • champagne glasses (go to the discount home store and buy a box or two of them and wrap each glass separately)
  • wine glass charms (this could be a DIY project)
  • eye pillow masks
  • pretty makeup bags (add sample sizes of skin creams, shampoos and facial products)
  • small makeup palettes for the eyes, cheeks or lips (we've found deals on these on
  • aroma therapy candles
  • aroma therapy scented oils