Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Oh sure, anyone can go to a spa and host a birthday party there, but it takes real imagination to create one at home.

Make sure you have plenty of room for guests to sit while they're spa-ing. Having a first floor powder room will come in very handy when it comes time for your guests to wash off their masks. 

By the way, don't be afraid to invite men to this birthday bash. They need sprucing up too. Plus it's just a whole lof of fun to watch them squirm as you apply their facial masks.

Our Top 11 Spa Party Ideas

1. Take a trip to your local beauty supply store. Get as many different facial masks as you can find, a few of each, so everyone can try more than one (green masks, mud masks, seaweed, the more exotic the better).

Buy several bottles of facial moisturizers and hand moisturizers too. Buy any applicators you might need.

2. Pick up some table mirrors and hand mirrors to supplement what you already own. You can find some great ones with lots of character at thrift stores.

Use old mirrors in ornate frames as part of your party decor: lean them against walls, over the fireplace, and on top of tables.

3. Have sliced cucumbers and tea bags in bowls for soothing eye treatments.

4. Find two or three recipes for facial masks or scrubs. Make them up in advance and have them ready in pretty bowls for your guests to try.

Important: have the list of ingredients handy in case any of your guests has an allergy or sensitivity issue.

Have pretty washcloths and towels for cleaning up. Roll and stack them in a nice display. Which brings us to the next idea...

5. Give personalized towels with each guest's name and the date of the party as your party favors. You can go fancy and have each one monogrammed or be budget-conscious and make tags on your computer and attach them to the towels with a fabric ribbon. Roll the towels, tie ribbons around them and have them stacked up and ready to hand out.

Or, for a very economical favor, buy personalized emery boards. For more ideas, take a look at our page devoted entirely to spa party favors.

6. Serve light food. Place appetizers around the room (or ask a son or daughter to be the server for the party), and have a selection of bite-sized desserts if you won't be having a birthday cake.

How about serving this amazing work of art/appetizer? A big thank you to Beth at Hungry Happenings for sharing this great tutorial!

7. Have wine, wine, and more wine available. Or substitute the drink of your choice. Fancy bottled water and imported fruit juices would be festive additions to the menu.

8. If your budget allows, hire a masseuse or two to come and give 10-minute neck massages.

9. Similarly, hire a couple of people (or ask friends who owe you favors) to give manicures and/or pedicures. Get wild nail polish colors at the beauty supply store if you go this route.

10. Your spa party can have a specific theme too. As an example, I once was invited to a spa party for a friend and the theme (within the theme) was strawberry —the guest of honor's favorite fruit. The host came up with these ideas:

  • strawberry-scented masks
  • a homemade mask made with mashed strawberries (smelled great but was a bit sticky)
  • bottles of strawberry wine 
  • platters of fresh strawberries, plain and chocolate covered
  • a strawberry shortcake birthday cake, and
  • pink hand towels tied with strawberry-colored ribbon for party favors

And finally,

11. Have a camera nearby at all times! You will not want to miss any of the photo opportunities this party will present. Trust us, you will want to look back on this one.