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Luau Party Favors

It's not all about drinking! Luau party favors are a must at your luau.

If you thought you'd have to settle for kitschy luau party favors, boy were you wrong! Not that there's anything wrong with kitschy ;-)

It's not hard to locate any of the items we've listed below, and there's a good range of inexpensive to pricey on this list. If you don't want to spend too much, save the imported items, the honey and teas, for example, for a small gathering.

You'll notice that most of these luau party favors require some DIY effort, even if it's just assembling a few store-bought gifties into a pretty package.

Spending a little time to put together unique favors for your luau guests will go a long way toward making your party a memorable one.

And we know y'all want people talking about your party!

Give Your Guests Luau Party Favors They'll Want to Take Home

  • a small aluminum bucket or brightly colored small pail with a little lavender plant inside (Maui has beautiful lavender fields) —these would make a great centerpiece grouped together on your table
  • Hawaiian Hut Cafe
    Buy at

  • a retro Hawaii travel poster rolled up and tied with a ribbon (I found several really cute posters on clearance at all for less than $4.00 each!)

  • a tin or box of coconut tea —it smells fantastic, tastes great and it's delicious iced
  • a pair of chopsticks (personalize them inexpensively) —you can find pretty ones for a very good ( price
  • a seed packet or plantable seed card for brightly colored flowers (you can even buy sheets of seed paper —in gorgeous colors— and cut out whatever shapes you like)
  • a mini bottle of Malibu© coconut rum set inside a tiki shot glass, er...mug, along with a little booklet of luau drink recipes (the ones you'll be serving); print them on tropical-themed scrapbook paper for a pretty look
  • a 2 oz. jar of imported Hawaiian honey (try macadamia nut blossom, lavender-infused, or white honey)
  • a sachet, perhaps made of Hawaiian print fabric, filled with lavender
  • a large homemade sugar cookie in the shape of a Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, a fish, beach shorts, a hibiscus, well you get the idea (colorfully iced, of course), wrapped in a cellophane baggie and topped with a printable cello topper in a cute tropical pattern
  • a mini bag of Kona coffee and a teaspoon dipped in chocolate for stirring (add a few nicely wrapped homemade macadamia nut chocolate chip cookies, or macadamia nut fudge if baking's your thing)
  • a melamine tropical print bowl filled with chocolate covered (or white chocolate covered) macadamia nuts, wrapped in cellophane and tied with pretty ribbon
  • a mason jar 1/3 filled with sand and little seashells with a small candle tucked in the middle; tie the jar with a sinamay fiber bow
  • tuck a few imported Hawaiian tea bags into a printable party favor box or a sinamay pouch (you can find many interesting flavors of black tea and green tea, along with herbal and decaf varieties online)

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Transport your luau party to the tropics with these authentic luau drink recipes.


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