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Hawaiian Decorations
to Dress Up Your Luau

When you throw a luau, Hawaiian decorations are key in setting a festive and exotic mood.

Make creative Hawaiian decorations for your luau and set a festive tropical mood!

And if you don't set a tropical mood at a luau party, what's the point? Fancy drinks and a few pineapples will only take you so far in the "atmosphere" department.

We've been known to throw a luau every now and again, and when we do, these are the luau party decorations we rely on to create a tropical atmosphere:

  • Of course you and your guests will don grass skirts, but trim tables and patio umbrellas with them and make your own tiki huts. Use one hut as your tropical bar.
  • Cover all of your tables with different Hawaiian print fabrics (no need to hem them, you're on island time now).
  • Kitschy hula girl (or ukelele boy) centerpieces with silk hibiscus blossoms sprinkled around them.
  • String lights of tropical fish or little palm trees all around your party space; if you're outside, use tiki torches too.
  • Blow up large pictures of tropical fish, breath-taking sunsets and dramatic lavascapes and hang them all around.
  • Arrange potted plants, the more lush and colorful the better, around your space. If you can find a generous friend or neighbor to lend you a potted palm or two, fantastic!
  • Burn hibiscus-scented candles and play a cd of the ocean.
  • Print tribal-patterned tattoos for arm and leg bands and have plenty in a basket for your guests (about $10 for a pack of 5 A4 sheets of special inkjet tattoo paper).

Transforming your backyard or even your living room into a tropical paradise (I love getting carried away) is half the fun of hosting a Hawaiian luau, don't you think?

Creating unique centerpieces, a colorful buffet table, beautiful lighting with torches and'll love the big impact they have on your guests.


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