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Here in our "Latest Party News" section you'll find the up-to-the minute party-making and party-throwing details you need to stay one step ahead of your friends and neighbors, and keep the focus right where it should be...on YOU.

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Easy Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes

Easy ideas for decorating cupcakes for birthday parties and other celebrations. We'll show you topping ideas, the right icing tools, and other tips for making your cupcakes festive!

Continue reading "Easy Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes"

Our Recipe for Mulled Wine and Other Festive Winter Drinks

We promise you'll love our go-to recipe for mulled wine (you can't mess it up) and, while you're here, check out our recipes for Swedish glogg, German gluhwein, and French vin chaud too. Hmm...sounds like we spend too much time drinking.

Continue reading "Our Recipe for Mulled Wine and Other Festive Winter Drinks"

Bonfire Party Ideas for a Sizzling Birthday Bash

Bonfire party ideas to celebrate a birthday outdoors. Build a campfire, add food, drink and good friends and you have instant magic!

Continue reading "Bonfire Party Ideas for a Sizzling Birthday Bash"

Site Map for Birthday Party Babble

Welcome to our site map of creative birthday party ideas. From here you can quickly find the pages that interest you!

Continue reading "Site Map for Birthday Party Babble"

Irish Coffee Recipes

Our Irish coffee recipes are guaranteed to warm up your guests at your next party. Delicious!

Continue reading "Irish Coffee Recipes"

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