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Creative Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas

photo of a creative birthday cake decorating idea - a cake in the shape of a flower pot with yellow flowers on top There are so many creative birthday cake decorating ideas —the possiblities are practically endless!

3 Things to Consider:

  • If you have a party theme in mind, how can you decorate your cake to fit in with it?
  • Will the party be formal? casual?
  • If you're planning an elegant affair, steer clear of cutesy decorations and go with a simple and sophisticated design. Perhaps incorporate a color you'll be using in your party decorations. With a casual party, anything goes.

  • Does the guest of honor have a favorite kind of cake?
  • If the answer's yes, it would be a thoughtful gesture to make it for the party. Bonus: you've just narrowed your options and that makes things simpler. Yay! Simpler is a good thing.

Once you decide how you're going to decorate your cake, get off to a good start with our best buttercream frosting recipe, our chocolate buttercream icing recipe or one of our recipes for fondant icing.

Our Guide to the Best Cake Decorating Ideas

with fondant cake decorating, the possibilities are endless - this is a photo of a teapot birthday cake covered in fondant fondant flowers make terrific cake decorations
Fondant Cake Decorating Decorating with Flowers
a two-tiered birthday cake beautifully decorated with chocolate buttercream frosting a special birthday cake decorated with fresh pink flowers
Using Buttercream Frosting Decorating with Fresh Flowers
try this for easy, fun and colorful birthday cake decorating —sprinkles! bouquet of flowers cake topper
Sprinkles Cake Toppers

Still looking for more ideas? Check out our photo galleries of these birthday cake themes:

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