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Finally, Adult Party Favors
Your Guests Will Love

Adult party favors are a fun and sometimes meaningful way to send your guests off after a great party. Who doesn't love getting a thoughtful little gift?

Oh, the Shame of Party Favors Left Behind

Okay so we're exaggerating, but we've all been to parties where the favors are left behind. We know none of you have ever done rude!

They're left sitting on the table because they're just not memorable and let's face it, after a few drinks at a party it's easy to forget your coat or your purse, let alone a party favor.

We've wracked our collective brains for fun DIY ideas for adult party favors, all so you won't have to suffer the shame of the left behind party favor disaster. Not to mention the sheer annoyance with your guests.

We've organized our ideas by theme but many of these favors (probably most, actually) can be used at "theme-less" parties too or adapted to fit other themes.

We hope you'll find them useful and inspirational!

  • Tea Party Favors
    Vintage thrift store teacups filled with imported candies from England, delicate antique teaspoons tied with pretty ribbon, silk sachets of imported tea, a box of decorated sugar cubes (so cute!), vintage floral patterned china plates with your grandmother's favorite recipe for scones —can you tell we love tea parties?
  • 50th Birthday Party Favors
    Favors for milestone birthdays like the 50th can be retro and kitschy like fun, old fashioned toys, favorite candies from the guest of honor's childhood, or have a touch of the thoughtful and sentimental. Creating favors with a dash of the honoree's personality will make your favors extra special!
  • Printable Party Favors
    Printable party favors aren't just for kids anymore. Embellish and laminate your own bookmarks, make favor boxes from pretty patterned cardstock, print your own labels for gift bags, bottles, jars or cd's. The possibilities for printables are endless.
  • Luau Party Favors
    Nothing screams "luau" like tropical flowers and rum, baby. Imagine hibiscus-covered drinking glasses filled with macadamia nuts, mini bottles of coconut rum tucked into fabric pouches, small beribboned pails planted with an exotic bloom or baby lavender plant (Maui has gorgeous lavender fields).
  • Spa Party Favors
    Think relaxing, wonderful-smelling, luxurious or heck even practical when on the hunt for spa party favors. Scented candles, mini manicure sets, bath scrubs, and so on. This theme lends itself particularly well to DIY favors too.
  • Garden Party Favors
    Framed vintage seed packets, flower teas, hand rolled beeswax candles (they smell wonderful!), tiny terra cotta pots planted with herbs or cheerful violets, a homemade book of recipes that use edible flowers...your guests will definitely want to take these party favors home.

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