A Little Bit About Us

So, you're here because you'd like to know a little something about us.

Yes, we can hear you wondering now, "Who the bleep are these women and why are they babbling about parties?"

To answer that, we're going to give you a glimpse into our respective party pasts. But be warned. These stories are not pretty.

The first of us (did we mention there are three of us?) learned the hard way how critical a party guest list is. And how did she learn this? She experienced firsthand the repercussions of leaving the inviting to someone else.

Imagine six or seven huge biker dudes, their underage groupies, and loose knives and even looser liquor. If you didn't know before, you certainly know now: always invite only who you want to see up close and personal for an extended period of time.

The second of us grew up party shy. Chalk it up to a birthday party her parents threw for her at age four that scarred her for life. 

Ever since, our cohort has hosted many a dinner party, huge dinner parties in fact, but never a party party. Help her out and hang with us on this site ... this is important therapy for her, after all.

The last of us has the horror party of the year story. It was high school — always a touchy period — and she decided to throw a party one weekend.

Totally ignorant of the process, she invited some people, bought potato chips, pretzels, and soda (and nothing else), and waited for the hordes to arrive.

Literally three people showed up. They looked at each other for a while, ate some chips, and then left in disgust as quickly as they could.

Unlike her friend, however, she went on to host many parties and have a blast in the process. What's not to like when food, drink, and music are involved?

All that is to say we love socializing with friends and folks with whom we'd like to be friends. 

If you're looking for the more traditional About Us basics, here they are.

We live in Pennsylvania with our respective families, and met when our kids attended the same elementary school.

We've got a mind-boggling array of past and present careers that we like to think have raised our collective skills to unfathomable heights. A partial list: retail manager, computer programmer, bookkeeper, business administrator, professor, gas station attendant, graphic artist, art instructor, consultant, CEO, retail salesperson, certified parenting educator, proofreader, paralegal, writer, attorney.

Ok, so most of those endeavors don't directly relate to our site, but as we tell our kids: nothing learned is ever wasted.