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Have A 50th Birthday Party
Red Carpet Style

I'm Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille

50th birthday party red carpet Turning 50 should be a glorious celebration of one's time on planet Earth. Make it all about that lovely half-centurion with a mixed media expose — I mean retrospective — of her (or his) life.

As you greet your guest of honor at the door, provide her with a long ebony cigarette holder (complete with candy cigarette) and let the festivities begin.

To set the scene for this gala affair:

Lay down a red carpet from the front door to her special seat. Ok, more realistically a roll of red art paper will do.

Enlarge photos of the guest of honor to poster size, covering infancy to the present. Hang them all around the party room.

And please, please make sure they're flattering ones. Definitely ditch those taken right after she's given birth, however precious the thought of creating a new life may be.

Display a constant flow of photos from vacations, holidays, etc., on borrowed laptops and/or digital photo frames. Again, nothing embarrassing like that drunken sprawl on top of the bar in Mexico.

Serve drinks and food on silver trays butlered by hired college students or your own tween-age or older children, if they'll deign to volunteer. Definitely have crystal champagne flutes on hand, whether purchased or rented.

Don't forget about the clothing! Not to succumb to the stereotype of women who care only about their appearance (and let's face it, we all know men who fit that category quite well. They take an hour in the shower, another half hour to shave, ... oops, I digress yet again), but attire sets the tone of any gathering. And for this party, you want your guests to indulge your ever so tasteful homage to the 1940s and 1950s. Did the women know how to dress or what?! We'd suggest a timeless skirt, gloves, hats with half veils. Red, red lipstick, and high, high heels. Suggest guests look at old movies and family photos for inspiration.

As for the male guests, they too should check out old movies and family photos. Suits with brimmed hats set just so atop their heads come to mind. And please, no Fonzie stuff with the cigarette pack rolled up in the t-shirt sleeve. This is a classy affair, thank you very much. That look is an entirely different party.

Send your guests home in style with a snazzy party favor. Our idea?

Make a memento cd of the guest of honor's favorite songs from 1940s and 50s and give them as party favors. There are plenty of jazzed up versions of the old standards, so don't feel compelled to stick with the originals.

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