50th Birthday Gag Gifts — because you might as well laugh about it

Need original and funny 50th birthday gag gifts?

We can help!

We've wracked our brains to come up with, dare we say it, a list of clever and funny 50th birthday gifts that will make your special 50-year-old really feel the love. 

Here Goes...

  • Put a photo of the birthday guy or gal on a magazine cover —it could be Time, AARP, Sports Illustrated or you can make up a funny magazine name. Photoshop this yourself or check out a site that offers this service, such as yourcover.com, fakemagazines.com. Make up funny headlines and blurbs about the half-centurian too. For a more sentimental gift, write text highlighting your friend's fabulousness.
  • Write your friend a fake obituary. Misspell his/her name, list all of the things he/she will never do, describe the perfect family and then add "Oh, that's my family," mention that he/she didn't look a day over 60
  • Make a really big fake AARP membership card and wrap it up beautifully
  • Find that really embarrassing photo, blow it up and frame it
  • Take that embarrassing photo (how about a high school yearbook picture?) and turn it into a roll of real photo stamps
  • Wrap up a clear bathroom glass, a box of Efferdent, and some fake teeth
  • Find a pretty pouch or drawstring bag and place a comb with no teeth inside (perfect for that balding friend with a healthy sense of humor)
  • Tell the guest of honor you bought him/her a bathing suit for his/her big 50th birthday trip and present them with a gift of Depends
  • Ask a guest who couldn't make it to the birthday party to tape a message to the birthday guy or gal and have him/her scream it, a la Garrett Morris on Saturday Night Live (if your friend is turning 50, we're betting you know exactly what we're talking about here)
  • Fill one of those huge empty water cooler bottles with $10 worth of quarters and tape a sign to it that says "Retirement Fund"
  • Buy a large bottle of prune juice and two pretty champagne or wine glasses and gift wrap them 
  • Make custom tattoos by printing a photo of the birthday guy or gal on tattoo paper using a laser printer
  • Buy a Viagra switchplate cover for that special birthday boy (these really are pretty funny up on a wall; you can find them online)