50th Birthday Cake Ideas to Inspire You!

If you're searching for 50th birthday cake ideas that are unique, interesting, and drool-worthy, we can help! A big celebration demands a fabulous finale —a cake that will be remembered!

We're sharing the steps we follow when we're designing a special cake for a big birthday. Follow along and dream up some of your own.

If you're having an elegant celebration, select a cake design that will match that level of formality.

If you're planning a theme party, pick a cake design that echoes your theme in some way. For example, if you're having a garden theme party, choose a floral design, or a flower pot shaped cake, or crown a layer cake with fresh flowers from your garden.

Most Importantly, Know Your Guest of Honor!

Anything That Would Mortify the Guest of Honor is a Birthday Party No-No

If she or he has mixed feelings about turning fifty, absolutely no over-the-hill birthday cakes allowed! While that might be funny to some people, it could spell disaster for your big event. An unhappy guest of honor is not your goal —well, unless it's your miserable brother-in-law... but we digress.

One of the best ways to make a birthday cake memorable is to make it personal.

If it's personal, if it speaks to something unique about the guest of honor, then it will be meaningful. And if it's meaningful, it will be remembered. So here's where the "know your guest of honor" rule comes into play again.

When you're thinking up cake designs, ask yourself a couple of questions to get your ideas flowing:

  • Does the guest of honor have any special interests or hobbies? Favorite colors or patterns? A favorite quote?
  • Is she or he known for anything? For example, is there a particular phrase she or he always says, an item of clothing he or she is known for wearing (a bowtie, cowboy boots, a beret, funky stilettos), any quirks that make him or her stand out?

Check Out These Cakes!

We've collected some 50th birthday cake photos to spark your creativity. If you create your own masterpiece, please send along a photo to us. We'd love to take a look and add it to our gallery!

photo by lovecatz

photo by Ayca Wilson

photo by Andrew Bardwell

photo by Eldriva

photo by Rexness

photo by Nathan

photo by camnjeanacess

photo by Clever Cupcakes

photo by Ed Schipul

photo by Samdogs